Chris Thornton

Goodwater, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Almost 3 years ago, my life took a completely different direction. A workplace accident with a forklift changed everything about my day-to-day living. After several surgeries it was suggested that I needed an amputation. Once I met with Brian Horton (Certified Prosthetist/ Orthotist with Southlake Prosthetics) the decision to proceed with the amputation was easily made. After the surgery, I knew I had made the right decision for me and my family. While injured I could not do the things I enjoyed most, being involved with my kids lives, their school activities, date nights with my wife, and my hobbies such as hunting, fishing, or anything outdoors really. After my amputation surgery with Dr. John Kirchner and being fortunate enough to work with Brian, they made sure I got the best socket design and foot to go with my active lifestyle. Proudly today, I can walk around without the use of crutches. He “gave me back my life.” I have learned to adapt to things, and Brian’s help has been instrumental getting me to this point. I can share this, none of the things I am able to do now would be possible without the “wonder” of my prosthetic. Thank you so much to Southlake Orthopaedics and Brian Horton for “giving me back my life!”