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Telehealth Appointments Now Available

In our quest to provide less pain, more living, the doctors and staff at Southlake Orthopaedics are committed to continue offering modern, personalized orthopaedic care via telehealth options.

We are now offering virtual visits, a video telehealth service that allows you to have a face-to-face video appointment with your Southlake provider so you may continue receiving musculoskeletal treatment at your home.

Give our office a call to see if you qualify for our telehealth service.

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About Southlake Orthopaedics

Southlake Orthopaedics Sports Medicine and Spine Center specializes in providing complete care for your bones and joints. Whether you have a sports-related injury, chronic pain, or suffer from mobility-limiting illness, our expert team of physicians and therapists can help you. Our goal is to help you live with less pain, enjoying the active and healthy lifestyles you deserve. That is why we have brought diagnostic, surgery, and rehabilitation services under one roof. You can access the very best orthopaedic services from a single source, speeding you on the road to recovery.

Success Stories

Dr. Michael Blum at Southlake OrthopaedicsI have known Dr. Michael Blum since he repaired a Tibia/Fibula fracture over 20 years ago. When I got bucked off a horse this past September and broke both of my arms, Dr. Blum was my first phone call. He quickly put things into motion, contacting his colleagues, Dr. Michael Smith and Dr.Ekkehard Bonatz, to get me into their surgical schedules. For my procedure, Dr. Smith and Dr. Bonatz tag-teamed with Dr. Smith performing surgery on my right arm and Dr. Bonatz on my left. The surgery would have taken twice as long (it took a little over 4 hours) if Southlake Orthopaedics had not had two of the best hand surgeons. Working in concert they repaired two very complex fractures requiring two plates and nine screws in my right arm and one plate and five screws in my left arm.

  • I am in the first week of healing a broken foot and sprained ankle. Very caring staff. Go back next week.

    Susan Lynn Weaver Avatar
    Susan Lynn Weaver

    Dr Blum my shoulder is golden thanks!

    Ray Rodriguez Avatar
    Ray Rodriguez

    wonderful docs, great staff. free parking

    Paula Glenn Avatar
    Paula Glenn
  • Excellent staff. All in one site as well, MRI on site at Valleydale.

    Highly recommended.

    Dean Peeples Avatar
    Dean Peeples

    AWESOME patient care! Dr Krauss and Lauren did some amazing work on my foot. We were treated very well by all office and surgical staff. Highly recommend Southlake Orthopaedics!

    Kimberly Strickland Dodds Avatar
    Kimberly Strickland Dodds

    Dr. Kirchner done my foot surgery and done an amazing job! couldn't ask for a better ortho surgeon!

    Amber Nicole McDaniel Avatar
    Amber Nicole McDaniel
  • I had, what appears to be, a successful meniscus tear repaired today. I would like to thank Dr. Blum and his staff at MedPlex Surgical Center. They were very professional and the accommodations were top notch. I would recommend Southlake Orthopaedics to anyone. After my foot was reattached Dr Krauss was the only ankle specialist... read more

    Brian Keith Avatar
    Brian Keith

    Even though it was a painful experience today, I was impressed with Dr. Ellerbusch. Very thorough and great ‘bedside’ manners. Staff was very nice.

    Lara Dutton Avatar
    Lara Dutton

    My husband had a total hip replacement and has made excellent progress. Dr. Blum and his staff as well as the personnel at Grandview were very knowledgeable and attentive.

    Madeline Owen Avatar
    Madeline Owen
  • Very caring and professional staff. Dr. Ellerbusch is very knowledgeable and thorough. His staff is very sweet. Shelly was very helpful with setting up the MRI and getting the approval from the insurance company. My 13 year old son injured his knee while wrestling and they took great care of him and has... read more

    Tabitha L. Williams-Manuel Avatar
    Tabitha L. Williams-Manuel

    Dr. Kirchner has been fantastic. PT is going well. Highly recommend.

    Steve Owens Avatar
    Steve Owens

    Birmingham is very fortunate to have Dr Christoper Heck & his staff in practice here.

    Vickie Lawrence Martin Avatar
    Vickie Lawrence Martin
  • 5-Star treatment from Dr. Ellerbusch and staff. His bedside manner is excellent and he is very thorough. I couldn't be more pleased with our Southlake Ortho experience.

    Angela Hager Avatar
    Angela Hager

    I cannot recommend this practice in general, and Dr. Talbert specifically, enough. I have had severe lower back pain for years, Dr. Dykes at Alabama Bone And Joint clinic told me it was bursitis, that it was just a danger of getting old, and that I needed to be more active. He sent... read more

    Patricia Karen VanHorn Avatar
    Patricia Karen VanHorn

    I love Dr. Craig and Dr. Smith! They are the most caring Drs I've ever been to. Dr.Craig is so compassionate and concerned about his patients I drive over three hrs. To see him and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

    Vanessa Jones Avatar
    Vanessa Jones
  • Thank you South Lake Orthopedics for making sure Kory was taken care of!!!!! Awesome Staff!!!

    Que Chapman Avatar
    Que Chapman

    My son Cj Vick has been treated for the past 4 months for 2 fractured heels, ankle and both wrists. Dr Smith and Dr Kirschner and their staff will forever be in my prayers and have my deepest gratitude for putting my "baby" back together. I will highly recommend Southlake orthopaedics to everyone!!!

    Tina Benson Nix Avatar
    Tina Benson Nix

    5 stars!!!

    Dr. Craig was amazing! very engaging! We left with a plan in place which is what we wanted. Where as the previous places we have been could not seem to do the same! Thank you Dr. Craig & staff as everyone was so pleasant and we felt like the actually cared and aren't looking...
    read more

    Dawn M Cook Avatar
    Dawn M Cook
  • Very nice staff and decent wait time. We were in and out in a very timely manner

    AshleyandNathan Smith Avatar
    AshleyandNathan Smith

    Dr. Talbert and Dr. Craig are both 5 star doctors . A staff that cares about the patient and has helped me with my back pain .

    Phyllis Williams Hendricks Avatar
    Phyllis Williams Hendricks

    Wonderful experience. Everyone was so friendly

    Meagan Medina Avatar
    Meagan Medina
  • Thank you so much for caring for me over that last several years that I have been suffering from stress fractures in my feet!!

    Sherry Littleton Avatar
    Sherry Littleton

    I've depended on Southlake for orthopaedic work for many years and have never, ever been disappointed. Brilliant doctors, caring and conscientious staff...this is as near-perfect as a medical practice could ever be. All my thanks for the wonderful care.

    Paul H Franklin Avatar
    Paul H Franklin

    Thank you to Dr. Booker the excellent treatment to my son today. Ray fixed up a boot just for him. The staff was very efficient and friendly... A+ In my book🙂

    Julie Wilson Watson Avatar
    Julie Wilson Watson
  • I have been using Southlake Orthopedics for several years now. Dr. Ellerbusch has been wonderful with all of my non surgical treatments and I have had a very successful rotator cuff repair and a knee replacement (instant pain relief and no regrets) performed by Dr. Blum. The staff is so friendly and very helpful. As... read more

    Susan L Huggins Avatar
    Susan L Huggins

    I came to Dr. Talbert for a second opinion and he was so kind and compassionate and did such an excellent job. I recommend him to anyone who has spinal cord problems thank you

    Tresa Talibah Abdus Salaam Avatar
    Tresa Talibah Abdus Salaam

    Dr. Talbert has amazed me with his talents, his bedside manners, his caring and nurturing manners and his sincerity. I couldn’t walk one day while on a business trip - my leg had just quit, complete numbness from my knee down and my back was in excruciating pain. I was in Chicago, called his office,... read more

    Bobbie Alexander Bell Avatar
    Bobbie Alexander Bell
  • Wonderful and caring staff! They answered all of my questions and always had a smile on their faces! I would definitely recommend them! Well worth the drive! Dr. Kirchner and his staff are incredible! Wait time was very minimal to zero!

    Susan Acker Womack Avatar
    Susan Acker Womack

    Very fast nice ! In and out Doctor there to see you ASAP ! Not messing around ! Tablets very nice to fill out paper work

    Billy Martin Avatar
    Billy Martin

    Going into Southlake Orthopaedic, I was very scared and nervous because I was afraid of the outcome. After I went back to the back and seeing everyone including the doctor my nerves eased alot. Although I wasn't feeling that needle that went in my knee LOL. Everyone there is very professional and helpful.

    Tamesha Punkin Turner Young Avatar
    Tamesha Punkin Turner Young

Our Areas of Expertise

Foot & Ankle

Comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments, your feet and ankles take a beating everyday carrying your body weight and absorbing the shock of every step you take. From fractures to arthritis to bunions and hammer toes, the physicians at Southlake have the expertise to treat your foot and ankle injuries.

Hand & Elbow

At Southlake Orthopaedics, we have physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of your hands, wrists and forearms. They are experts in hand surgery, which is a sub-specialty of orthopaedics requiring additional training dealing with complexities of hand anatomy and micro-vascular conditions.


The hip joint is a major weight-bearing joint, supporting a stress load of up to five times your body weight when you are walking. It takes a good deal of force to seriously damage the hip. Unfortunately, hip injuries still happen. The physicians at Southlake Orthopaedics are experts in treating hip injuries, as well as performing total hip replacements.


Our knee is the largest joint in our body. It’s also the most vulnerable because it bears our weight while providing flexible movement. Whether you have need ACL reconstruction surgery or have a less severe injury like a sprain or runner’s knee, the physicians at Southlake Orthopaedics can help you get back in the game.


The shoulder has a wider and more varied range of motion than any other joint in your body, but this flexibility also makes the shoulder one of the most unstable joints in the body. The physicians at Southlake Orthopaedics are trained to treat everything from fractures and sprains to dislocations and tears.


The spine is made of 33 individual bones, as well as ligaments and muscles that connect the bones together and keep them aligned. Keeping your spine healthy is vital if you want to live life without back pain. From neck pain and pinched nerves to herniated discs, the physicians at Southlake Orthopaedics will help you get back to living.


Get diagnostic testing on site, including MRIs and nerve conduction studies.


Your procedure will be performed at our on site orthopaedic surgery center.


Returning you to your daily routine quickly and safely is priority one.

Osteoporosis Clinic

Returning you to your daily routine quickly and safely is priority one.

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