I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Blum and the impressive, courteous and professional team of staff members at Southlake Orthopaedics.  They were all friendly, helpful and understanding of my condition and helped me towards my road to recovery.  Neither Dr. Blum nor Southlake Orthopaedics was known to me prior to the treatment I received from both earlier this year.

 I have been struggling with injuries to both knees (cartilage and ligament damage) for more than 40 years.  By 2004 my knees had degenerated to the point, recommendation I should have knee replacement surgery for both.  Due to personal experiences of family members who had undergone the procedure; I decided to prolong surgery as long as possible.  My quality of life continued to digress and I suffered greatly with pain. 

 I sought treatment with Dr. Blum who offered conservative approach at first, injecting both knees with lubricant treatment as temporary solution but recommending bi-lateral knee replacement surgery long term.  This treatment did provide some pain relief, lasting about 6 months.  At this point, I revisited the surgery option again with Dr. Blum.  He explained the surgery is a partnership, he would do his part as the surgeon but I also had a role in pre-surgery and post-operative therapy.

 Dr. Blum performed bi-lateral knee replacement surgery in April 2014.  My first experience of applying weight to my knees post-surgery was amazing, I knew there would be pain associated; the pain was not as severe as expected.  I spent four days in the hospital, doing therapy immediately post-surgery.  By May 2014, less than one month out from surgery I was able to return to work with the assistance of a walker.  Not only functionality had been restored to my life, my blood pressure improved as well.

 I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Blum and staff to my friends and family.  In fact, my brother recently drove from South Carolina to see Dr. Blum regarding his orthopaedic condition.  In my opinion, Dr. Blum is among the best and would advise anyone suffering from pain and a restricted life due to bad knees, hips or shoulders to seek him for treatment.

 David Tibbs