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Paul George

Birmingham, AL

Conditions + Treatments

Let’s face it. You really do hope that you never need an orthopaedic hand surgeon or an occupational hand therapist in your life. But after a trip and fall accident in which I tore the UCL in my thumb, I certainly needed both. And I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate that my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Michael Smith and his team at Southlake Orthopaedics and Southlake Therapy. Dr. Smith is an amazing surgeon…and he was incredibly tuned in and attentive before and after my surgery. It was clear that he was there for me if and when I ever needed him. And my recovery process has gone wonderfully well (praises for that)! That part of this journey has been supported in every way by the folks at Southlake Therapy – specifically Leslie Youngblood…my occupational hand therapist. She is awesome, and provided me with every bit (and more) of the guidance, coaching, and cheerleading that I have needed. I wish I could call out every member of both of these teams – because they are all truly special. And as I said at the beginning, even though you don’t really want to be in need of certain things in your life, you feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to find such wonderful and caring folks when you do! From the bottom of my heart…Thank You! Thank You! Thank You All!!!