Barbara Sokol

Alexander City, AL

Conditions + Treatments

I have always been physically active. Since the introduction of yoga to the community in 2004, I have participated with our local community group in Alexander City, Alabama. I experience so many health benefits in our yoga practice; as well as the “art” of each pose focusing on proper body alignment. It does take practice to gain the strength and flexibility. There is an amazing feeling when one feels the pose is right!

I had dealt with a chronic knee injury since I was 14 years old. Chronically limiting and making it difficult for me to do the things I enjoy; an intervention was needed. I remembered Dr. Michael Blum’s orthopedic practice in Alexander City and sought him out for medical treatment. Dr. Blum performed a total left knee replacement in late 2016 and most recently, surgery on my right shoulder to repair a difficult rotator cuff tear.

Dr. Blum, Emily, his surgical physician assistant, and staff are so caring, and they make communicating easy. I am thankful to be Dr. Blum’s patient.

I am 75 years old. As we all deal with the aging process, it is natural for our joints to become damaged due active lifestyles and arthritic conditions. Visiting the office, there is a sense that the team at Southlake Orthopaedics are interested in each patient having positive outcomes. Without hesitation, I will recommend and have already recommended Dr. Blum!