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Aaron Ledbetter

Birmingham, Alabama

Conditions + Treatments

I was playing in a local softball league when I was tripped running through 1st base, forcing me to tuck and roll, ending with a broken collar bone and torn ligaments. The next morning I immediately went and saw Dr. Isbell at Southlake Orthopaedics where he evaluated my injury and recommended the best solution for me, which was surgery. The way he explained the surgery and recovery made me very at ease and confident going into my first ever surgery, and within a week I was scheduled for surgery. I was eager to get back to my active lifestyle, playing golf , and after my 6-8 weeks post surgery mixed with physical therapy, I was back on the golf course. From the first initial evaluation to my final post surgery appointment, I couldn’t have felt more confident and comfortable due to how personable and thorough Dr. Isbell is. Thank you Dr. Isbell and thank you Southlake Orthopaedics for taking care of me and getting me back to doing the things I enjoy!