I have known Dr. Michael Blum since he repaired a Tibia/Fibula fracture over 20 years ago. When I got bucked off a horse this past September and broke both of my arms, Dr. Blum was my first phone call. He... Continue Reading
Lee Hamilton
Dr. Ellerbusch is a phenomenal doctor and member of the Hoover High School Athletic Department. His dedication and commitment to the care of our student athletes is impeccable. He works endless hours with our athletes and we are grateful to... Continue Reading
Andy Urban
I recently injured my elbow and a fellow co-worker mentioned Southlake Orthopaedics to me for my injury. I saw Dr. Booker for a fractured elbow. Dr. Booker took time to get to know me and made me feel comfortable during... Continue Reading
Rose Reedy
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Blum and the impressive, courteous and professional team of staff members at Southlake Orthopaedics. They were all friendly, helpful and understanding of my condition and helped me towards my road to... Continue Reading
David Tibbs
There's not enough room for me to express my gratitude towards Dr. Krauss and his entire staff. I was referred to Dr. Krauss and came to see him about a shattered heel bone. It got infected with staph, and we... Continue Reading
Mike Rhodes
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident a couple of years ago and suffered with back pain. So I used the internet to search for doctors that could help. My niece plays basketball at Hoover High School, and since... Continue Reading
Angela Webb Weinberg
I was in a car accident a while back where my hand and wrist were broken. Even though I had surgery at the time, the injury left me with severe pain that ran from the tips of my fingers up... Continue Reading
Donald Rule
I knew Dr. Blum when he practiced in Alexander City. He repaired my right shoulder rotator cuff in 1995. In the intervening seventeen years, he has successfully operated on me four other times. Both knees have been replaced, and one... Continue Reading
Ms. Siddie Norman
I have had knee complications since I was a young child. During my first visit to Dr. Michael Ellerbusch, he quickly recognized the issue and provided various treatment options to fit my lifestyle. After physical therapy, I am now pain-free... Continue Reading
Amanda Skelton
Upon breaking my thumb during a softball game, co-workers referred me to Dr. George Booker at Southlake Orthopaedics. I could not be more impressed with the care I received. Dr. Booker took time with me and determined that surgery was... Continue Reading
Benjamin Skelton